POSTED ON February 14, 2017 - 5000 North Ocean

The law of supply-and- demand simply doesn’t apply to the world’s appetite for Florida beachfront property. While high demand continues, the supply of unspoiled sandy beaches remains finite. Not so many years ago, a home on a Florida beach was a realistic possibility for a discerning international clientele. Today, the market for such properties is becoming a tale that’s often more of longing than fulfillment. When the search narrows to communities of high exclusivity, the list of suitable properties drops dramatically and, occasionally, vanishes altogether.

Yet the search for privacy and exclusivity never ceases, those precious qualities being sought more urgently today than ever. As the earth’s settlements expand beyond control and the clamor of life becomes inescapable, the solace of calm in pristine natural surroundings draws closer to pricelessness.

The Palm Beaches area is a notable case in point. For more than a century the very name has called to mind a level of style and an exclusiveness found only there. Though the siren call of Palm Beach and its renown remain undiminished, the community’s most desirable property becomes ever more limited.

5000 North Ocean can be said to be one of the last addresses to add its luster to the Palm Beaches’ renown. The unexpected and somewhat improbable availability of this ultra-prime property has made possible the offering of a relatively small number of residences with beachfront views that can’t reasonably be hoped for again in this part of Florida.

Singer Island is located in what’s known as Palm Beach’s “Upper East Side”, a term that also evokes the exclusivity and imperishable style of Manhattan Island’s upper east side. Now, on Singer Island’s north end has risen what is arguably the ultimate example of contemporary international style in the Palm Beaches and over a great distance beyond.

5000 North Ocean consists of 48 condominia with uncommon amenities that assure a highly serviced lifestyle. The wish for privacy, tranquility and for heartfelt care, which is so eagerly sought in the modern world, has guided the creation of even the tiniest details of the 5000 North Ocean project. Yet there’s almost a “swan-song” feeling about these stunningly, spacious surroundings for, within the Palm Beaches, a comparable address may well not be possible again.